natural beauty craft


The Natural Beauty Craft is a worldwide retailer of specialized handmade jewellery. Most of our collection comes from Brazil and Peru. Some of their products are made by artisans and indigenous peoples of Latin America, Indian Guarani. Their “ethnic” jewellery is made from seeds found in the Amazon area, such as Açaí, Jarina and Maramara (morototó), but also from Flamboyant, Jequirity seeds, coconut, resin and other natural materials.


Amazon area was the starting point, I did some researches about the Brazilian art and European jewellery companies.
My next step was to combine their products and photos with a unique style.


new identity

I just made some small changes in the trunk of three to resemble with the woman silhouette. I changed the fonts to look more legible and elegant.

Inspire by the indigenous patterns, I designed an exclusive pattern for each category matching the shape with the product and I also a new colour palette.

the catalogue

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